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Gimros Metal
Gimros Metal
Gimros Metal
Gimros Metal

Gimros Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. is a well-established company operating in the metal sector, established in 1993. Initially entering the market with the production of tea boilers and equipment for industrial kitchens, our company quickly earned an important place in the industrial kitchens sector, gaining a prominent position in the industry due to its customeroriented approach and focus on quality. Since then, our company has strived to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and aims to continuously develop by offering innovative solutions.

Since 2023, we have expanded into the metal industry, adding a state-of-the-art CNC fibre laser cutting machine to the production line. We not only manufacture equipment for industrial kitchens, but also provide fast and quality solutions for laser cutting, bending, stamping and welding through a wide range of machinery. We have an experienced and dynamic staff to understand and satisfy our customers' expectations, determine their priorities and offer them the most appropriate solutions.

Thanks to their industry knowledge and experience, our highly experienced and qualified staff actively assist our customers in creating customised solutions. Gimros Metal is committed to meeting customers' needs as accurately and quickly as possible, without compromising on quality. Environmental awareness, commitment to ethical values and responsibility to contribute to society are cornerstones of our way of doing business. We strive to use environmentally friendly production techniques and encourage energy conservation as part of our approach to sustainability.

Gimros Metal aims to maintain its leadership in the metal industry and to become a globally recognised brand while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.


Gı̇mros Metal, for highly skilled work and professional solutions

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